Challenges of Next Generation Cybersecurity Professionals

According to a recent article in the March issue of ISSA Journal, organizations need to embrace new ways of developing cybersecurity talent by considering certain traits in potential candidates.

An ideal cybersecurity professional should have a passion for cybersecurity, be an ethical individual, have curiosity, a strategic mentality and critical thinking skills. They also need to become smarter cyber risk-takers.

You won’t always have all the answers but the more you can determine, the better decisions you make. A smarter risk-taker knows what’s happening, what your vulnerabilities are from a framework perspective and from your own unique environment, and where your business priorities intersect with your attack surface. These determinations make a confident and smarter risk-taker despite the increasing attacks from threat actors and the inherent chaos of the marketplace.

In our new Guide to Be a Smarter Cyber Risk-Taker you'll get research and insights for making smarter cyber-risk decisions. You’ll also learn the four characteristics of a smarter cyber risk-taker that include why:

  1. Transparency creates trustworthiness
  2. A methodical approach builds a strong defense foundation
  3. A pragmatic approach can work well and is less costly
  4. A strategic view of risk and a departmental approach to mitigation are key

Download the Guide to Smarter Cyber Risk-Taking Here