Columbus Collaboratory Rebrands as Covail

Covail—Trustworthy, Intelligent Operations. Accelerated.

As of May 7th, Columbus Collaboratory is now Covail™. A new name means an expanded vision as a national brand, a deliberate measure taken as we extend into broader territory. It also reflects the unification of automation, AI, and cybersecurity under a focused portfolio. This change—a long time in the making—is rooted in five years of delivering proven solutions for leading companies in industries that include Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Defense, Energy, Retail, Transportation, and Technology. It also reaffirms our commitment to business optimization and security, as well as a new point of view on trustworthy, Intelligent Operations.

What’s in a Name
The name “Covail” combines two words, “COllaborative” and “preVAIL,” which symbolize our collaborative approach and our dedication to ensuring our clients prevail over their adversaries and digital business challenges.

Looking Forward With Purpose
As Covail, we will continue to drive the state of the art in smarter, trustworthy business operations for companies through intelligent automation, AI, cybersecurity, and risk management. The goal to guide our clients to further streamline and reduce the risk of operations, while enabling capabilities that position them for future transformations, remains at the core of what drives innovation at Covail.  We feel this core focus is important because, now more than ever, companies need to leverage digital technologies to create efficiencies and  reimagine work so they can plan for stronger days ahead through customer-driven innovation.  A critical aspect of the new operating models companies create will be ensuring that the intelligence embedded is operating as intended, with reliable, trustworthy results.

Join the Conversation
It is impossible to do our work effectively in a vacuum. It requires meaningful collaboration with dedicated partners to create actionable, proven, and measurable solutions that are a true custom fit for every client. I invite you to explore our website at and join the conversation on social media by following @Covail on Twitter. As always, we will continue to keep our efforts focused on staying connected and learning from one another as we head into the next digital revolution.